🔥 Looking for a sizzling romance that will keep you hooked from the first page? Introducing PDF & ePUB of “Behind the Net” by Stephanie Archer, the first book in the Vancouver Storm series, that can be enjoyed as a standalone novel. 📖! 📚🔥 Released on June 30, 2023, this captivating love story is bound to leave you breathless.

In this book, you’ll follow the captivating journey of a young woman who becomes the live-in assistant to Jamie Streicher, a hot and grumpy 🥅 NHL goalie she once had a crush on. After a devastating heartbreak in the music industry, she’s determined to keep her distance.

💔 However, as she gets to know Jamie beyond his tough exterior, she discovers his surprising sweetness and protectiveness. Together, they navigate the challenges of their growing relationship, finding healing, passion, and the courage to pursue their dreams once again. 🌟💖

“Behind the Net” is a spicy grumpy-sunshine pro hockey romance with an HEA. 📚✨

In “Behind the Net Stephanie Archer pdf,” you’ll learn:

  • The challenges of working in the high-pressure world of professional sports 🏒🥅
  • The complexities of navigating a relationship with someone who appears unapproachable 😮❤️
  • The power of healing and finding your passion again after a heartbreak 💪💔
  • The electrifying chemistry between two unlikely souls ⚡️😍
  • The excitement of the hockey world, filled with thrilling games and rowdy parties 🎉🎊

Book NameBehind The Net
AuthorStephanie Archer
SeriesVancouver Storm series
File SizeMB
Publication DateJune 30, 2023

Ready to dive into the fascinating world of “Behind the Net”? You can download the complete eBook by clicking the link below. Don’t miss the chance to immerse yourself in this delightful tale of love and hockey!

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