📚 Looking for a captivating and steamy read? 🔥😏 Wondering how a ghostwriter’s professional assignment can blur the line between business and pleasure? 💼❤️ Then ePUB & PDF of “Business or Pleasure” by Rachel Lynn Solomon is the book you’ve been waiting for! Let’s dive into a story where desire and work collide.

Business or Pleasure pdf

In this book, “Business or Pleasure” by Rachel Lynn Solomon, you’ll follow Chandler Cohen [1], a skilled ghostwriter, as she embarks on a challenging project. Tasked with penning a memoir for Finnegan Walsh [2], a cult actor and her regrettable one-night stand, Chandler strives to maintain a professional façade. However, as they work together during the day and explore their desires at night, the line between business and pleasure blurs.

This fascinating story explores the complexities of navigating professional and personal relationships, the power of vulnerability, the challenges of forgiveness, and the pursuit of both career success and personal happiness.

In ‘Business or Pleasure pdf,’ you’ll learn:

  • The complexities of navigating professional and personal relationships 💼❤️🤔
  • The power of vulnerability and honest communication 💔🗣️
  • The challenges of reconciling past mistakes and finding forgiveness 🙏💔
  • The importance of pursuing both career success and personal happiness 🌟💼😊

Book NameBusiness Or Pleasure
AuthorRachel Lynn Solomon
File SizeMB
Publication DateJuly 4, 2023

Don’t miss out on this irresistible story. You can get a copy of ‘Business or Pleasure’ by Rachel Lynn Solomon, releasing on July 4, 2023, by clicking the link below. It’s time to dive into a world where business and pleasure collide. 📚🎉

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