“Bound by Ravens,” the captivating seventh installment in the Starry Kingdoms of the Fae series by Jesikah Sundin in ePUB & PDF formats. Get your copy or indulge in this mesmerizing eBook online to experience a world filled with wonder and magic.

In “Bound by Ravens ePUB,” Two rival thieves, one fated heist gone wrong, and a curse that threatens to steal more than their freedom. It all started with a simple job: steal a ring from a mainland witch for the Thieves’ Guild. But when a cocky thief from a rival guild intervenes, plans crumble, and freedom slips away. Now, they must retrieve three magical artifacts or face a cursed existence tied to each other forever.

In this captivating novella – “Bound by Ravens,” you’ll be transported to the enchanting Starry Kingdoms of the Fae, where you’ll find:

  • 🗝️ A thrilling tale of daring heists and unexpected alliances
  • 🗝️ Magical artifacts that hold the key to breaking the curse
  • 🗝️ A beautifully crafted world of fantasy and wonder
  • 🗝️ An electrifying romance that sparks despite the odds

Download Jesikah Sundin’s “Bound by Ravens” eBook now and embark on a journey filled with adventure, love, and the magic of the Fae. Don’t miss this chance to escape into a world of captivating storytelling! Click the buttons below to get your PDF/ePUB copy.

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