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Unveil the truth behind Christian Nationalism with our eye-opening book by Andrew Torba and Andrew Isker in ePUB & PDF. Released last year on September 9, 2022, this insightful work delves into the essence of Christian Nationalism, going beyond the misconceptions and providing a clear understanding of its principles. 📖💡

In “Christian Nationalism pdf,” Torba and Isker debunk the misconceptions surrounding the movement. They emphasize that it is not about racial or national supremacy but rather the application of God’s Word through discipling all nations, in accordance with Jesus Christ’s command. 🌍✝️

Here What you’ll learn after reading “Christian Nationalism” eBook:

1️⃣ The true meaning and purpose of Christian Nationalism.
2️⃣ Debunking common misconceptions about the movement.
3️⃣ The role of Christian values in shaping nations.
4️⃣ How Christian Nationalism aligns with biblical teachings.
5️⃣ The significance of discipleship in the movement.
6️⃣ Addressing criticism and responding to detractors. 🤔🗣️

Book NameChristian Nationalism: A Biblical Guide For Taking Dominion And Discipling Nations
AuthorAndrew Torba (Author), Andrew Isker (Author)
File SizeMB
Publication DateSeptember 9, 2022

To gain profound insights into Christian Nationalism eBook by Andrew Torba & Isker and explore its true essence, download your copy of “Christian Nationalism” now! 📥🔽

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