Are you looking for an exciting adventure that will transport you to a world of magic and danger? Look no further than the “Disciple of the Lich” PDF series by Necoco and Yoh Hihara. In this thrilling five-book series, you’ll follow the journey of Kanbara Kanata, a young man who finds himself in a dangerous dungeon without any special powers or abilities. Along the way, he meets Lunaère, a lich girl who begrudgingly helps him on his quest.

Book 1: “A Deadly Mistake”

When Kanbara Kanata is suddenly transported to a new world, he quickly learns that his lack of special powers may be the end of him. However, with the help of Lunaère, a powerful lich girl, he sets out on a dangerous journey that could turn him into someone truly incredible.

Book 2: “Spider Surprise!”

Kanata is making his way through the world of Locklore, but danger is never far away. When he and his friends encounter an infestation of giant spider monsters, they must fight for their lives. Meanwhile, Lunaère is making her way back to Kanata, but what she finds may surprise them both.


Kanata and his friends are trying to create a powerful potion when they are interrupted by Kotone, a mysterious transplant from Japan. What does she want, and will she help or hinder their quest?

Book 4: “Dragons and Deities”

As Kanata and his friends journey through uncharted territory, they meet a dragon-girl on the run from her enemies. With danger at every turn, they must use all their skills to survive. Meanwhile, the gods who sent Kanata to Locklore are closing in, and their intentions are unclear.


In the final book of the series, Kanata and his friends must help Mel, an item crafter whose store is on the brink of bankruptcy. But as they delve deeper into the shady underbelly of Ploroque, they realize that there may be more at play than they thought.

After reading the “Disciple of the Lich” PDF series, you’ll learn about:

  • The dangers and adventures of the world of Locklore
  • The power of friendship and teamwork
  • The importance of perseverance and determination
  • The magic and wonder of a world filled with mythical creatures and beings.

About Author

Author Profile Picture

Nekoko (Author)

The author Nekoko is a prominent Japanese writer, renowned for her exceptional work in the realm of light novel series. Among her most popular works are the Disciple of the Lich and Reincarnated as a Dragon Hatchling series, which have garnered critical acclaim and a dedicated following of readers. In addition to her writing, Nekoko has also made a significant impact on the manga world, with her celebrated manga series Boushoku-Hi no Ken.

Author Profile Picture

Hihara Yoh (Illustrator)

Renowned Japanese artist Hihara Yoh has made a significant contribution to the world of illustration, particularly in the genre of light novels. Hihara is best known for his exquisite illustrations in the Disciple of the Lich series, which have captured the essence of the characters and brought the story to life for readers. He has also made a mark in the world of video games, having worked on games such as Secret Spirit Agents and Ayakashi: Ghost Guild, as part of the artist duo HEMISPHERE. Hihara’s artistry and attention to detail are truly remarkable, and have cemented his status as a highly respected and influential artist.

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To download the Disciple of the Lich PDF, simply click on the download button below. After reading this thrilling Light Novel series, you will be transported to the fascinating world of Locklore, where you’ll follow the adventures of Kanbara Kanata and his undead companion Lunaère as they navigate the dangers of dungeons, battle giant spider monsters, and meet a mysterious transplant from Japan.

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