Are you looking for a heartwarming romance that will leave you swooning? Look no further than “Falling Hard for the Royal Guard” by Samantha Bates in PDF format.

In this royally good rom com, we follow the story of Margaret ‘Maggie’ Moore, a twenty-six-year-old living in the Tower of London. Maggie has always dreamed of finding her fairy-tale ending, but in the world of catfishing and dating apps, her happily ever after seems elusive.

But then she meets Royal Guard Freddie, who makes her realize that she’s not ready to give up on love just yet. However, catching the attention of someone who is trained to ignore distractions proves to be a challenge.

With relatable heroines, hot and aloof book boyfriends, and plenty of near misses and almost kisses, “Falling Hard for the Royal Guard PDF” is the perfect read for anyone who loves a good romance.

In this book, you’ll learn:

  • The importance of staying true to yourself in the face of societal pressures
  • The power of vulnerability in forming meaningful connections
  • The value of taking chances, even when it’s scary
  • The joy of finding love in unexpected places

About Author

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Megan Clawson

Megan Clawson grew up in Boston, Lincolnshire, as the daughter of a beefeater. However, her heart was captivated by the city of London from a young age. In 2018, she made the move to study English with Film at King’s College, where she fell head over heels in love with a member of the royal guard. Megan now lives in the Tower of London with her beloved dog Ethel, working as an English tutor, TV and film extra, and writer.

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