There has been number of political scholars throughout the different time period in history to the modern globalising world. These scholars has given or published different works which later became part of the political theory. Some of the most important works of scholars have been pointed out as following.

  1. S.M. Lipset
    • Politics and the Social Science
    • Political Man
  2. Peter Laslett
    • Introduction to Philosophy, Politics and Society
  3. Dante Germino
    • Beyond Ideology
  4. Bertrand Russell
    • Philosophy of Politics
    • Human Nature in Ethics and Politics
  5. Eric Voghein
    • The New Science of Politics
  6. Sheldon Wolin
    • Politics and Vision
  7. John Plamentz
    • Man and Society
  8. Michael Oakeshott
    • Experience and its Modes
    • Political Education
  9. Hannah Arendt
    • The Human Condition
  10. G.E.G. Catlin
    • Systematic Politics
  11. Henry Sidgwick
    • The Elements of Politics
  12. Harold Laski
    • A Grammar of Politics
    • An Introduction to Politics
  13. Allan Ball
    • Modern Politics and Government
  14. T.D. Weldon
    • Vocabulary of Politics
  15. Maurice Duverger
    • Idea of Politics
  16. Robert Dahl
    • Modern Political Analysis
  17. W.G. Runciman
    • Social Science and Political Theory

These all are the most important works of scholars of Political Theory.

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