Looking for a fun and exciting new graphic novel series? Look no further than “Katie the Catsitter” in PDF format! This middle-grade series is perfect for fans of Raina Telgemeier’s “Guts,” “Awkward,” and “Real Friends,” as well as anyone who loves cats.

In “Katie the Catsitter,” Katie is stuck at home for the summer while all her friends are off at camp. In order to earn the money to go to camp herself, she takes a job catsitting for her upstairs neighbor, Madeline. But these aren’t just any cats – Madeline has 217 of them, and they’re not exactly normal.

As Katie tries to navigate her new job, she starts to wonder about her mysterious neighbor. Why is Madeline always out when the city’s most notorious villain is committing crimes? Could Madeline actually be a super villain? And can Katie use her cat-sitting skills to save her best friendship and crack the biggest story in the city’s history?

Readers of “Katie the Catsitter PDF” will learn:

  • The importance of hard work and determination in achieving your goals
  • The value of friendship and loyalty
  • How to take care of cats (and maybe even a few tricks for dealing with 217 of them!)

About Author

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Colleen AF Venable

Colleen AF Venable is a National Book Award Nominated author for Kiss #8, and now debuts in middle-grade fiction with Katie the Catsitter. Colleen is a comic fan, award-winning graphic novel designer at First-Second books, animal rescuer, and roller-skater. She resides in Brooklyn, NY with her two pet rabbits. Stephanie Yue is a comic fan and martial artist with a black belt in Kung Fu. She grew up in Atlanta, Beijing, and Hong Kong and is the colorist of Smile by Raina Telgemeier. She’s now the illustrator for Katie the Catsitter, her debut as a middle-grade graphic novel artist, while dividing her time between Boston and Hong Kong.

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