Discover the thrilling eleventh book in the Missy the Werecat series, ‘Missy’s Return to West Point’ by P. G. Allison in PDF format. In this book, Missy returns to West Point after her semester at the Naval Academy. Initially, everything seems to be going well, with her mobster buddies no longer causing problems and the Mid-East situation winding down.

However, things take a dramatic turn when the transition team discovers the existence of supernaturals and their role in defending the country. They deem Missy to be a weapon of mass destruction that needs to be controlled, and seek to establish rules of engagement.

As if that wasn’t enough, the Defense Secretary then requests Missy to use her teleporting ability for further spying. What dangers might be posed by secret nuclear programs being conducted by the enemy? What will Missy uncover, and what will she be asked to do about it?

By reading ‘Missy’s Return to West Point PDF,’ you will:

  • Be entertained by a thrilling supernatural story
  • Explore complex themes of power, control, and responsibility
  • Follow Missy’s journey as she navigates dangerous situations and fights for what she believes in.

About Author

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P. G. Allison

P. G. Allison’s passion for female characters with unique abilities and supernatural beings inspired the Missy the Werecat Series. The story follows Missy, a girl with extraordinary powers, growing up without a pack, pride, or Alpha, and her heroic feats in a human-dominated world. This new adult, urban fantasy series continues with Missy’s journey to West Point and eventually serving in the Special Forces.

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