Ready to become a real estate investment millionaire without using your own capital? Look no further than ‘Wealth Without Cash’ by Pace Morby in PDF format. Contrary to what most people think, getting started in real estate doesn’t require money, and Pace proves it in this amazing book!

Pace Morby is the TV host of A&E’s Triple Digit Flip and a real estate investing influencer with more than a million followers. He shares his expertise in creative financing strategies that helped him acquire more than 1,000 properties and $150 million in assets without using his own cash.

This book will fully prepare you to find off-market leads, uncover sellers’ motivations, negotiate with confidence, close more deals, build a team, and much more. Close MORE real estate deals in LESS time for LESS money by harnessing the power of creative financing strategies.

In this book, you will:

  • Learn how to build a portfolio of off-market deals without using your cash
  • Discover proven scripts that will convince both motivated and uncertain sellers
  • Understand the most common seller objections and how to overcome them with win-win scenarios
  • Identify your strengths and build a team to support your needs
  • Shift your mindset to fuel your creative finance journey
  • Gain the confidence to tackle entity structuring, taxes, paperwork, and legal concerns like the due-on-sale clause

About Author

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Pace Morby

Pace Morby, A&E’s Triple Digit Flip host and real estate investor, boasts over 1 million followers on social media. With expertise in sub-to strategy, he has used creative financing methods to acquire 1,000 doors nationwide and a $150M real estate portfolio. As an entrepreneur, investor, strategist, and teacher, he inspires others to make a big impact in their communities.

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To download your free PDF and Ebook copy of ‘Wealth Without Cash,’ simply click on the link below. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to supercharge your real estate investment portfolio!

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