Do you know? There are several morning 🌞routines which nobody ever told you about. So, here in this blog post let me share with you few morning routines which will transform your life.

A healthy routine and daily follow up of those will bring joy of positiveness and activeness within you.

Best 5 Daily Routines you should follow

  1. No Caffeine before 11 AM.
  2. Stop eating at 8 PM.
  3. Journal, Meditate, and Read
  4. Avoid strenuous exercise
  5. Make time for Sex.

How to Develop Quality of your Day?

Do you know that quality of your day is determined before you even wakeup. Let me show you what factors the determine quality of your day?

  • If you can’t write ✍️ 2 pages, write 1.
  • If you can’t workout 60 minutes, workout 20.
  • If you can’t meditate 🧘‍♀️ 20 minutes, meditate 5.
  • Reinforce the habits of showing up.
  • Go on a walk 👣🚶within the first hour ⌛ of waking. (Healthy Benefit: It’ll set your circadian rhythm, oxygenate your brain, and set the tone for the rest of the day).
  • If you’re nerd 🤓, lift weights.
  • If you’re jacked, read books 📚.
  • A jacked nerd is fucking unstoppable.

So, if you believe in your heart and soul that none can come between your dream and goals, than you are capable of anything in your life.

Only 5% are capable of following those routines, rest 95% people give up before it even starts.

Time is priceless, start your daily routines from today.

Tell me in comment 💬 if you agree.

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