The Crown of Oath and Curses pdf: Do you like romantic books filled with passion, power, and sacrifice? So here we are bring you back with the new released on May 27, 2023 a book named – “The Crown of Oath and Curses” authored by J. Bree. Hey, in this blog post today we will discover more about this book and see what is the actual story of the book? So Let’s get started. Oh, forget to mention this book is very first part of upcoming sequels of The Mortal Fates series.

The Crown of Oath and Curses pdf

Let me Introduce to you “The Crown of Oaths and Curses pdf” presenting by J. Bree, bestselling author of “The Bonds That Tie pdf.”

Let’s discover the story of Mortal Fate Series Book 1:

In this epic tale, we follow the story of Rookesbane Eveningstar, a Witch of the Woods and the Favored Child returned. Devoted to a king not her own, she finds herself stripped of everything as she faces her own fate.

With the kingdom on the brink of ruin, Rookesbane must seek out the Savage Prince, heir to the high-fae throne of the Southern Lands. A man known for his brutality and cold heart. Together, they must confront the relentless war between the fae and witches, and ensure victory before it’s too late.

The Crown of Oath and Curse pdf

Highlights of The Crown of Oath and Curses pdf

Here are some of the Highlights from the Book:

  • The complexities of love and its ability to transcend boundaries
  • The resilience of the human spirit in times of war and chaos

The Crown of Oath and Curses pdf Details

Book TitleThe Crown of Oaths and Curses
AuthorJ Bree
SeriesThe Mortal Fates
Available formatpdf, kindle book

Please note that “The Crown of Oaths and Curses” is a full-length MF (male-female) epic fantasy romance, containing mature content that may be challenging for some readers. The book ends on a cliffhanger, serving as the first installment in a thrilling three-book series. Reader discretion is advised, as the book is recommended for ages 18 and above due to explicit language and sexual situations.

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