Are you feeling guilty about not being the perfect mom? Well, you’re not alone! In free PDF of ‘There Are Moms Way Worse Than You,’ Glenn Boozan and Priscilla Witte take a hilarious and reassuring look at motherhood and all its imperfections.

About Book

There Are Moms Way Worse Than You Book PDF is filled with funny and relatable stories about animal moms who make human moms look like parenting experts. For example:

  • A mom giraffe will kick her newborn calf until he walks
  • Sexton beetles raise their kids in a decomposing mouse
  • A koala mom will feed her kids her own poop
  • Panda moms will abandon one twin because raising two is too much
  • Some hamster moms will eat their newborn pups

Through these and other true stories from the animal kingdom, you’ll realize that you’re not doing such a bad job after all. In fact, you’re a great mom!

So if you’re feeling overwhelmed, stressed, or guilty, ‘There Are Moms Way Worse Than You’ is the perfect antidote. It’s a hilarious and reassuring gift for every mom, reminding us that we’re all doing the best we can.

About Author

Glenn Boozan

Glenn Boozan (Author)

Glenn Boozan is an accomplished comedy writer with Emmy and WGA nominations under his belt. He has written for popular shows such as Conan, Lights Out with David Spade, I Love You, America and Adam Ruins Everything. His witty and humorous writing style has earned him a reputation as one of the industry’s top comedy writers.

Author Profile Picture

Priscilla Witte (Illustrator)

Priscilla Witte is an famous illustrator known to draw many drawings for the children books.

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