The Los Angeles Lakers emerged victorious in the series against the Golden State Warriors in the last night match of Game 6, but was it all because of the referees? While that may be true to some extent, it’s undeniable that the Lakers had a better team with more weapons.

Here are some key takeaways for Golden State Warriors –

  • Lack of Enough Weapons
  • Game 6 Clay Thompson
  • Top 75 or Top 400?
  • Clay’s Playing Style
  • Warriors’ Shortcomings

Lack of Enough Weapons

The Warriors were unable to match the Lakers’ firepower. The Lakers had a deep bench and a talented starting lineup, while the Warriors had limited options beyond their star players. This ultimately proved to be the deciding factor in the series.

Game 6 Clay Thompson

While Clay Thompson is a talented player, he struggled in Game 6. He had just three points, the same amount as Andre Iguodala. This raises questions about his ability to perform under pressure.

Top 75 or Top 400?

Thompson recently made headlines for expressing his disappointment at not being named one of the NBA’s Top 75 players of all time. However, this suggests that he may not even be in the top 400 players in the league right now. This is a harsh reality check for Thompson and his fans.

Clay’s Playing Style

If we considered Thompson’s playing style, particularly his tendency to throw up shots regardless of who is guarding him. This may be a factor in his struggles in Game 6 and raises concerns about his ability to adapt and improve.

Warriors’ Shortcomings

The Warriors’ loss in the series highlights some of their shortcomings as a team.

  • They need more depth and a more diverse set of weapons to compete at the highest level.
  • They also need to work on improving the performance of key players like Thompson and Andrew Wiggins.

In conclusion, the Lakers’ victory over the Warriors was not solely due to the referees. The Lakers simply had a better team with more weapons, while the Warriors had limitations in terms of depth and player performance. It’s important for the Warriors to address these issues in the offseason if they hope to compete at the highest level in the future. As for Thompson, he may need to reconsider his playing style and work on adapting to different situations if he wants to continue to be successful in the league.

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