Hailey Bieber, the renowned model, recently shared her thoughts and concerns about starting a family with her husband, Justin Bieber, in an interview with the Sunday Times. At 26 years old, Hailey expressed her inner conflict regarding the decision due to the inevitable spotlight their children would face. Hailey herself experienced growing up in the public eye as the daughter of actor Stephen Baldwin, while Justin found fame at a young age.

Justin and Hailey Bieber

“This is something that brings me to tears constantly!” Hailey revealed. “I have a strong desire to have children, but I’m also filled with fear. Dealing with the judgments people pass on my husband or friends is challenging enough. Imagining the criticisms directed at our child is overwhelming.”

However, these concerns have not entirely deterred her from the idea of parenthood. Hailey explained, “We can only strive to be the best parents we can be, ensuring our children feel loved and protected.”

In April of this year, Hailey opened up about the online attention she received when fans of Selena Gomez believed she was mocking the pop star on TikTok. Justin and Selena had an on-and-off relationship spanning nearly a decade, and the association seems hard to shake off.

“To cope with my emotions, I often resort to making jokes, as it feels easier than admitting I’m going through a tough time,” Hailey shared in a now-deleted Instagram Story. “But honestly, since the start of 2023, I’ve experienced some of the saddest and most challenging moments of my adult life. My mind and emotions have been incredibly fragile. I know there are many others who feel the same way, so I want them to know they’re not alone.”

During her interview with the UK publication, Hailey expanded on her sentiments, saying, “I felt like I was going through an uncomfortable period of personal growth. Transitions from one phase of life to another can be immensely uncomfortable and even saddening… I was simply seeking a connection with others who might be going through similar emotions.”

She further added, “People may say, ‘Why should we feel sorry for you?’ and I understand that perspective. It’s just disheartening sometimes that expressing one’s emotions can elicit such negative responses.”

Over the past year, both Hailey and Justin have faced health challenges. Hailey suffered a mini-stroke and was diagnosed with Patent Foramen Ovale (PFO), a heart condition. Justin, on the other hand, was diagnosed with Ramsay Hunt syndrome, which can cause facial paralysis and resulted in tour cancellations.

“The day after my hospitalization, the news was already circulating on the internet,” Hailey recounted when discussing her diagnosis. “I wanted to share my experience in my own words, as there were numerous assumptions being made.”

She continued, “If you allow incidents like these to silence you, you’re permitting others to dictate how you live your life. There are moments when I just want to retreat and become a hermit, thinking, ‘If this is how people perceive me, perhaps I should just stay at home.’ But that’s not who I am.”

Hailey Bieber exemplifies resilience in the face of challenges, striving to express her true emotions and live life on her own terms despite the public’s judgments and misconceptions.

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