Do you believe in fairy tales🧚📚? Brace yourself for a fascinating journey into the realm of fantasy and romance with PDF and EPUB of “Woven by Gold” by Elizabeth Helen. Released on June 13, 2023, this enchanting novel is the second book in the “Beasts of the Briar” series.

This book weaving together an irresistible tale of love, betrayal, and destiny. Are you ready to delve into a world where ordinary meets extraordinary, where princes turn into deadly beasts, and where one woman’s courage may save them all?

Woven by Gold PDF

In this book, “Woven by Gold,” you’ll follow the captivating story of a young woman who finds herself imprisoned in an enchanted fae realm. Living an ordinary life, she is swept away by four princes who transform into deadly beasts at night.

As she unravels the secrets of their world, forbidden love blossoms, and she becomes torn between her fated mate and the other princes. However, their fairy tale existence is marred by accusations, conspiracies, and a looming war in the Enchanted Vale. As danger escalates and her heart grows closer to each prince, she must summon her courage to face the challenges that lie ahead.

In “Woven by Gold pdf,” you’ll learn:

  • The depths of love and desire that can exist between different beings.
  • The sacrifices and risks one must take to protect those they care for.
  • The power of unity and overcoming obstacles together.
  • The thrilling consequences of unraveling a wicked bargain and facing a brewing war.

Book NameWoven by Gold pdf
AuthorElizabeth Helen
SeriesBeasts of the Briar
File SizeMB
Publication DateJune 13, 2023

To embark on this mesmerizing journey and get a copy of “Woven by Gold,” click the links below. Immerse yourself in a world of romance, fantasy, and steamy encounters. Join me as I weave through the pages of this tantalizing retelling of Beauty and the Beast.

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