Welcome to this article where we will be discussing the solutions to Unit 27 of MPS-001 (Political Theory) course offered by IGNOU. In this unit, we will be studying about Gandhism and Pacifism. Gandhi’s philosophy of non-violence, popularly known as Satyagraha, has been a significant influence on political movements and leaders worldwide. This unit explores the concepts of pacifism and non-violence, their historical roots, and how they have been applied in various contexts.

In this article, we will provide the solutions to the questions provided in Unit 27 of MPS-001. The solutions have been formulated after careful research and analysis, keeping in mind the guidelines provided by IGNOU. By going through these solutions, you will gain a deeper understanding of the concSepts discussed in this unit, and it will help you to prepare for your examinations. So, let’s get started!