Are you feeling trapped, uncertain, or stuck in various aspects of your life? Whether it’s a midlife crisis, creative block, unfulfilling job, strained relationships, or even outdated business models, the emotions that arise can be overwhelming—mixing anxiety, fear, anger, and numbness. But fear not, because the Adam Alter’s ‘Anatomy of a Breakthrough’ available in PDF format is the transformative roadmap you need to break free from inertia and flourish.

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Anatomy of Breakthrough

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In ‘Anatomy of a Breakthrough,’ PDF acclaimed author Adam Alter draws from his two decades of research on how people become stuck and, more importantly, how they liberate themselves to thrive. Alter unveils the formula that he and fellow researchers have uncovered. At the heart of the solution lies a powerful tool he calls a “friction audit”—a systematic process that uncovers the root causes of stagnation and provides a path to progress.

According to the friction audit, individuals and organizations overcome three sources of friction to get unstuck:

  • HEART (unhelpful emotions),
  • HEAD (unhelpful patterns of thought), and
  • HABIT (unhelpful behaviors).

Despite the omnipresence of friction, Alter uncovers remarkable stories of “unstickers” among us—individuals who have broken free from their limitations. Through captivating tales, he shares their invaluable lessons.

Among the inspiring stories, you’ll discover:

  • The sub-elite swimmer who triumphed over adversity, winning two Olympic gold medals.
  • The actor who faced countless rejections before attaining worldwide fame.
  • The renowned painter who overcame paralysis and relearned to create masterpieces with a brush strapped to his wrist.
  • Alter’s personal journey of breaking free from the constraints of an unsatisfying college degree.

By skillfully weaving together scientific studies, anecdotes, and insightful interviews, Alter demonstrates that getting stuck is not a flaw but an integral part of the journey towards flourishing. However, armed with the right adjustments and corrections, we can surpass even our loftiest aspirations.

About Anatomy of a Breakthrough Author

Adam Alter

Adam Alter

Adam Alter is an acclaimed author, Associate Professor, and expert in marketing and psychology. His bestselling book, “Drunk Tank Pink,” explores the factors that shape human cognition and behavior. His work also includes “Irresistible,” addressing the issue of tech addiction. Alter’s expertise has been recognized by prestigious publications, and he has spoken at international events and consulted with numerous companies. He holds advanced degrees in psychology from Princeton University and a Bachelor of Science from the University of New South Wales.

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