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About Dark Corners: A Novel

Dark Corners Megan Goldin PDF, EPUB, VK

Terence Bailey, a man long suspected in the murders of six women, is about to be released from prison. However, before his release, he receives an unexpected visit from Maddison Logan, a popular influencer with a massive online following.

Hours later, Maddison vanishes, and the police fear the worst. Is her disappearance linked to her meeting with Bailey? Join Rachel Krall, the true crime podcaster, as she navigates the dark corners of the internet to uncover the truth behind this mysterious disappearance.

Learning Oppurtunity Dark Corners Megan Goldin ePUB

In Dark Corners Megan Goldin pdf, you’ll learn the following:

  • Explore the world of true crime investigation with Rachel Krall.
  • Uncover the chilling possibility of an accomplice and dangerous obsession.
  • Experience the fierce rivalry and potential lethal consequences in the influencer world.
  • Confront the lurking dangers in the dark corners of the internet.

About Author

Megan Goldin

Megan Goldin

MEGAN GOLDIN, a former Reuters correspondent, covered war, peace, terrorism, and financial meltdowns in Asia. Now in Melbourne, she writes novels and fosters guide dog trainees, raising three sons. Books: The Escape Room, The Night Swim, Stay Awake.

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