King cobras are one of the most venomous snakes in the world, and their venom is highly sought after for its medicinal properties. Venom milking is the process of extracting the venom from these snakes for research, antivenom production, and other medicinal purposes. Here we’ve shown an popular professional person extracting venom milking into Jar.

Here are some key points about the process:

  • Venom milking should only be performed by experienced professionals to avoid injury to both the snake and the milker.
  • The snake is restrained, usually by its head, while the milker uses a glass or plastic container to collect the venom as it’s expelled from the snake’s fangs.
  • Milking must be done carefully and regularly to ensure a sufficient supply of venom, as the snake’s venom glands will quickly regenerate any depleted venom.
  • The collected venom is then processed for its various uses, such as antivenom production or research into new medicines.

Venom milking is a critical process for studying and treating snakebite, and it’s crucial to ensure that it’s done responsibly and ethically.

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