Welcome to this article on IGNOU Solutions for MPS-001 Unit 7: Idea of Duty. MPS-001 is a course offered by IGNOU (Indira Gandhi National Open University) in their Master of Arts in Political Science program. This course covers various aspects of political science, including political theory, comparative politics, international relations, and Indian political thought.

Unit 7 of MPS-001 focuses on the idea of duty in political philosophy. In this unit, students learn about the different concepts of duty in political philosophy and how they relate to individual rights and responsibilities. The unit also covers the various types of duties that individuals and institutions have in a society, such as legal duties, moral duties, and civic duties.

In this article, we will provide solutions to the questions provided in Unit 7 of MPS-001. These solutions will help students understand the concepts covered in the unit and prepare for their examinations. We hope that this article will be a helpful resource for all students enrolled in the MPS-001 course at IGNOU.