IGNOU MPS-003 is one of four subject of the MPS (Master of Political Science) for first year term to be studied by students. In IGNOU MPS-003, the entire syllabus of the particular subject is distributed into 27 Units and divided into 2 Books. IGNOU Solution for MPS-003 is provided by the team of Political Science Blog. IGNOU Solution is consist of questions and answers which has been given at the end of the unit.

It is important to note a few points before you attempt the exam at the exam center:

  • The Maximum Mark for the Exam Paper is 100.
  • The time duration of the exam will be 3 Hours, and the questions will be divided into two sections. You must attempt at least 2 questions from each section out of the five questions.
  • Distribute your time according to each question (e.g., 30-35 Minutes per question).

Solutions for MPS-003: India Democracy and Development

No. Name of the Unit
Unit 1Legacy of National Movement With Reference to Development, Rights and Participation
Unit 2Debate on Models of Development
Unit 3Constitution and Social Development
Unit 4Diversity and Pluralism
Unit 5Inequality: Caste and Class
Unit 6Political Economy and Development
Unit 7Structure and Growth of Economy (Poverty, Surplus, and Unevenness)
Unit 8Legislature
Unit 9Bureaucracy, Police and Army
Unit 10Legal System and Judiciary
Unit 11Federalism
Unit 12Devolution of Powers and Local Self-Government
Unit 13Political Parties and Political Participation
Unit 14Workers and Peasants Movement
Unit 15Media and Public Policy
Unit 16Interest Groups and Policy Making
Unit 17Identity Politics in India (Caste, Religion, Language and Ethnicity)
Unit 18Civil Societies: Social Movements, NGOs and Voluntary Action
Unit 19Human Development: Health, Education and Social Security
Unit 20Gender and Development
Unit 21Regional Imbalances
Unit 22Migration and Development
Unit 23Environment and Sustainable Development
Unit 24Economic Reforms and Globalisation
Unit 25Religious Politics
Unit 26Ethnicity and Development
Unit 27Democracy and Development: An Assessment

These are the Units to be studied in IGNOU MPS-003. Political Science Blog Team has provided students of MPS (Master of Political Science) with combined solutions to answers asked in the exercise section of the Unit.

It will help you save time for looking for answers from diverse sources and, thus, help you score good marks in ongoing and future exams.Wish you the Best of Luck with the exam. If you find this helpful, don’t forget to share this useful solution with your friends and needful students.

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