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In this book, Milo is a bored and uninspired student until he discovers an enormous package in his bedroom. To his amazement, he finds a Turnpike Tollbooth inside with a label that says “One Genuine Turnpike Tollbooth.” He hops into his pedal car and drives through the tollbooth, embarking on a magical journey through strange lands.

During his journey, Milo visits the Land of Expectation, the Doldrums, the Mountains of Ignorance, and the Castle in the Air. Along the way, he meets peculiar and unexpected characters, such as Tock the watchdog, the Gelatinous Giant, and the Threadbare Excuse. Each encounter provides Milo with new insights and experiences, transforming his perspective on the world around him.

When Milo returns home, he eagerly anticipates his next journey through the tollbooth. However, he worries that the tollbooth may not be there when he returns from school. Despite his concerns, Milo cannot wait to discover what other magical worlds he can explore through the tollbooth.

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Book TitleThe Phantom Tollbooth PDF
AuthorNorton Juster
Number of Pages272
PDF QualityOriginal PDF
File TypeOriginal
PublisherUK Children’s
Country of OriginUnited Kingdom
GenresClassic Fiction, Fantasy, Science, Adventure

The Phantom Tollbooth PDF

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