Welcome to this article on IGNOU Solution for MPS-001 Unit 23: Nationalism. This unit is a part of the Master of Arts in Political Science (MPS) course offered by the Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU). The topic of Nationalism is an important and relevant one, especially in today’s global context where countries are grappling with issues related to nationalism, identity politics, and sovereignty.

In this article, we will provide solutions to the questions provided in Unit 23 of the MPS-001 course. We understand that students often face challenges in comprehending complex concepts and theories related to political science. Hence, we have taken an effort to provide clear and concise solutions that will help students in their exam preparations.

We hope that our solutions will be helpful to you in your studies and enable you to gain a better understanding of the topic of nationalism. Let us begin exploring the solutions to the questions in Unit 23 of the MPS-001 course.