Prepare for an epic battle in ‘The Siege of Skyhold’ by John Bierce, Book 5 of 7 in the Mage Errant series. In this gripping installment, the Havath Dominion is on the warpath, seeking vengeance after their humiliating defeat in Imperial Ithos.

The Exile Splinter, a powerful artifact, has been snatched away by the ancient sphinx Kanderon Crux, further fueling their rage. Now, the Duarchs of Havath have amassed an army that surpasses the entire population of Skyhold, ready to march and conquer.

Led by fearsome Great Powers, both monstrous and mage, capable of leveling cities on their own, the Havathi forces pose an unprecedented threat. Even Kanderon Crux and her monstrous allies may find it impossible to halt their advance.

In the face of the imminent siege, Hugh and his friends at Skyhold devote themselves to intense training, hoping to make a difference. They delve into uncharted realms of experimental magic, braving great dangers. But little do they realize that they have become pawns in a game far beyond their control.

Once the Great Powers have you in their sights, there is no escape.

In PDF of ‘The Siege of Skyhold,’ you will:

  • Witness the thrilling clash between the Havath Dominion and the defenders of Skyhold
  • Explore untested realms of experimental magic alongside Hugh and his friends
  • Encounter formidable Great Powers, both monstrous and mage
  • Experience the relentless suspense and danger of being caught in a larger, cosmic game

About Author

John Bierce

John Bierce

John Bierce is a history-loving, fantasy and science fiction author with a quirky sense of humor. With a background in earth sciences, he’s been known to lick rocks for scientific purposes. Despite a talent for walking into automatic doors, his passion for storytelling shines through in his writing.

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Don’t miss your chance to be part of this captivating fantasy adventure! To download your free PDF copy of ‘The Siege of Skyhold,’ click on the link below.

But remember, in the world of mages and monsters, the stakes are high, and escape is but an illusion.

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