Embark on an epic adventure with PDF of ‘The Last Echo of the Lord of Bells’ by John Bierce, Book 7 of 7 in the thrilling Mage Errant series. A new kind of war has erupted across the continent of Ithos, and the fate of the entire continent hangs in the balance.

The Last Echo of the Lord of the Bells

The Last Echo of the Lord Bells Summary

In this gripping tale, airborne mage armies operate in clandestine operations, navigating enemy territories with stealth and precision. Powerful city-liches manipulate events from afar, while city-states and archmages unleash innovative and dangerous magics, escalating a magical arms race like never before.

Dormant nations and great powers are awakening and seeking their place in the shifting power dynamics. With each faction wielding magical superweapons and commanding colossal monsters, alliances are formed and broken, hurtling towards an inevitable final conflict. At the heart of this spiraling chaos lies the capital of the Havath Dominion, where a vengeful madman has declared the exact date and time of the city’s destruction.

Mage Errant Book 4 PDF

The Last Echo of the Lord of Bells’ PDF unveils the imminent threat of the Tongue Eater, an ancient weapon that looms over the continent. Hugh and his loyal companions are the only ones who possess the ability to stop this devastating force. However, the web of lies they’ve woven begins to unravel rapidly, and even their trusted allies start questioning their mission. Monstrous creatures and power-hungry archmages, capable of leveling entire cities, will stop at nothing to claim the Tongue Eater, leaving Hugh and his comrades with no one to rely on.

Failure to prevent the Tongue Eater’s cataclysmic awakening could result in madness and death engulfing the entire continent. Will Hugh and his friends be able to overcome the mounting challenges and save Ithos from its impending doom?

By delving into ‘The Last Echo of the Lord of Bells,’ readers will:

  • Experience a thrilling tale of magic, war, and sacrifice
  • Discover the intricate web of alliances and rivalries that shape the fate of Ithos
  • Unveil the true power and significance of the Tongue Eater
  • Follow the journeys of compelling characters as they navigate a treacherous world
  • Witness the consequences of trust, betrayal, and the ultimate battle for survival

About Author

John Bierce

John Bierce

John Bierce is a history-loving, fantasy and science fiction author with a quirky sense of humor. With a background in earth sciences, he’s been known to lick rocks for scientific purposes. Despite a talent for walking into automatic doors, his passion for storytelling shines through in his writing.

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