Are you ready to embark on an epic adventure? Dive into the captivating world of “The Lost City of Ithos” by John Bierce available in PDF format, the thrilling fourth installment of the Mage Errant series. Join Hugh and his friends as they navigate a treacherous quest to uncover the long-lost city and the mysterious Exile Splinter. Brace yourself for a journey filled with danger, magic, and unimaginable discoveries.

Mage Errant Book 4

The Lost City of Ithos (Summary + Storyline)

In the PDF of “The Lost City of Ithos,” half a millennium after the banishment of Imperial Ithos, the city resurfaces, bringing with it the Exile Splinter, a weapon of unparalleled power. As factions vie for control over the lost city, its secrets become a coveted prize. What ancient Ithonian weapons and enchantments lie within its ruins? The answers await those brave enough to venture into the heart of Ithos.

What will you learn from “The Lost City of Ithos”?

  • Unveil the forgotten history: Delve into the origins of Imperial Ithos and the events that led to its banishment. Discover the secrets surrounding the Exile Splinter and its significance in the war against the Ithonian Empire.
  • Encounter formidable foes: Join Hugh and his companions as they face off against enemy warlocks, sea monsters, liches, and other supernatural threats. Witness thrilling battles and cunning strategies as they navigate through perilous encounters.
  • Confront the unknown: As the search for the lost city intensifies, Hugh and his friends realize that there’s more to Ithos than meets the eye. Uncover the hidden truths and unravel the mysteries that have even the most powerful beings trembling in fear.
  • Experience breathtaking adventure: Immerse yourself in a world of enchantment and wonder. Traverse perilous landscapes, survive unnatural storms, and encounter mythical creatures that will test your courage and resilience.
Mage Errant Book 4 PDF

Don’t miss your chance to experience the exhilarating journey that awaits within the pages of “The Lost City of Ithos.”

About Author

John Bierce

John Bierce

John Bierce is a history-loving, fantasy and science fiction author with a quirky sense of humor. With a background in earth sciences, he’s been known to lick rocks for scientific purposes. Despite a talent for walking into automatic doors, his passion for storytelling shines through in his writing.

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To download the PDF of this gripping novel “The Lost City of Ithos” by John Bierce, click the link below and embark on an adventure that will leave you breathless.

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